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  1. Lani, I am in complete awe of your transfer over into fine art fashion esk. stunning absolutely stunning. I cannot even describe how much i love these. if i could buy a print perhaps? they are truly amazing.

  2. Lani, I am actually speechless. I want to say “you’re so talented… way to go… gorgeous pics….” but that just doesn’t seem like it’s enough to describe you and your photography. They are all so much more than that. Absolutely amazing, Lani. Keep ’em coming!!!

  3. absolutely love your artistic eye….you bring such an amazing beauty to your work. Makes me feel like im in a different world when i view your photographs. I cant wait to be a part of your talent.

  4. Wow! Amazing photos. You have a great talent in this area Lani. We are so proud of you! Keep it up and we are here to support you all the way. Go Lani!!!!

  5. gorgeous! love LOVE these photos – colour scheme, softness, balloons… MINT! especially love the 9th, 10th and last photos! keep it up lani : )

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